Grief Support

Coping with Pet Loss

Are you dealing with the death of a pet? Each member of the An Unforgettable Friend™ network of experienced pet loss professionals offers families extensive online pet bereavement support to help them come to terms with the death of a cherished pet. A list of the online resources related to pet loss bereavement includes:


  • The Dynamics of Grieving
  • Supporting Yourself through Pet Loss
  • How to Support Children after the Death of a Pet
  • How to Support an Older Adult through Pet Loss
  • Inspirational Quotations on Pet Love and Loss

Downloadable Pet Loss Grief Support Resources

Pushing the Clouds Away Pet Loss Journal

With over 25 pages of activities and exercises, this beautifully-designed journal will guide you gently through your pet loss journey and help you or someone you love come to terms with the passing of their pet.

Pushing the Clouds Away Pet Loss Journal for Kids

Designed for children aged 5-11, this journal includes activities to help tell their pet loss story in words and pictures and provides ideas on how they can celebrate the life of their pet.

40 Ways to Nurture Your Well-Being

Positive self-care is essential at a time when grief can take its toll on our physical and mental health. This list of ideas will support you in caring for yourself and other family members dealing with the loss of a pet.

Caregiver Guidelines for Supporting a Child during Grief

During times of loss, children turn to the adults in their lives to help them understand and effectively process the complex emotions associated with grief. These guidelines will assist parents, grandparents, and care providers in helping children on their journey.

Celebrating the Life of Your Pet through Ceremony

Your pet is a part of your family, which is why a ceremonial event is strongly recommended. There are many types of ceremonies and this guide offers suggestions to assist you in bringing together everyone touched by a pet's life and passing.

Preplanning Guide - With Unfailing Love

If you're ready to plan ahead for the death of your animal companion, this concise six-step guide to preparing for that sad day will help you find greater peace-of-mind.

Just One Step to Exclusive Pet Bereavement Support

We understand how difficult it can be to lose a cherished animal companion. The An Unforgettable Friend™ websites for affiliated pet loss care providers include a wealth of bereavement support. Your local provider may also offer additional grief support services in your community to help you and your family. With the An Unforgettable Friend™ network of experienced pet loss professionals, help is only a click away.

Search for the local An Unforgettable Friend™ pet loss provider in your area and visit the Grief Support section of their website to access all of these grief support resources. To locate the six-step guide to planning ahead, visit their Final Care Planning section.